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Snapchat, the $20+ Billion Social Media Behemoth, is quickly becoming the bridge that connects brands and their target consumers. The average snapchat user spends over 30 minutes a day on the app, and nearly 45% of all 18-34 year olds in the US use the app daily.

From any marketer’s perspective, Snapchat is a place to build an authentic connection with the next generation of powerful consumers. This is not an opportunity anyone wants to miss out on. That is why we see all the world’s top brands and influencers going all in on Stories.

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While there are lots of companies investing in content for Snapchat, few brands are doing it right.

I put together a list of 5 of the hottest brands delivering fire content for their viewers:

  1. Taco Bell

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Taco Bell has developed a unique and fiery tone on all of their social media accounts, and it’s rooted in their transparent and authentic perspective they take, especially on Snapchat. They are funny!

And they are not afraid to take risks to appeal to their consumers. For last year’s Cinco De Mayo, they released a random, but clearly hysterical Snapchat filter that reached 200 million+ users.

The big takeaway from this team is that they really understand their audience. Once you can do that, and build empathy with your audience, Snapchat is the perfect place to joke around and start conversations.

  1. The National Basketball Association (NBA)

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The NBA has a great presence on Snapchat as they provide a behind the scenes look into some of the world’s most important stars and athletes. Before, during, and after the games, they are bringing their audience a super unique and transparent perspective. They are in the locker room, sitting courtside, and interviewing players in a way that the TV producers have never thought of before.

Authentic content hits home with Generation Z and young consumers. They are over the fancy commercials. They want to see a real view!

  1. Marriott Hotels

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TV is coming to Snapchat. But not exactly how you think.

Marriott Hotels, a global brand with a great, luxury personality, has created its own Snapchat TV show. They built a series of “3 minute Snapisodes” that partnered with influencers to speak on behalf of the Marriott Rewards loyalty program.

They played with the idea of traditional TV episodes and optimized them for mobile and vertical content. It is important to tailor your media specifically for the channel. In this case, understanding that Snapchat is a place for easy to digest and understand content is crucial. Create things that your audience wants to watch!  


  1. Everlane

Everlane is another example of a brand that embodies the mission of transparency. In fact, that is their entire mantra: be the brand that is real with their customers. And they do that. They tell their buyers everything about the product – from how it’s made to who made it.

Snapchat is the perfect fit for Everlane’s radical transparency. It allows them to show a raw and fresh perspective and give a real behind the scenes to their audience.

In an interview with Business Insider, their Social Media Manager shared a few of their secrets:

“We’re trying to find little bits of what’s going on here daily at headquarters to share with our consumers,” Gaskell said from Everlane’s main studio in San Francisco. “I think it’s a rare opportunity for them to see how a brand is being built day in and day out. A lot of bigger companies have already established their brand, so what they’re seeing is something that’s a finished product, whereas we have such a long way to go.”

  1. NASA

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NASA’s Snapchat stories are quite literally out of this world. They show what it’s like, from a real Astronaut’s perspective, to be living in the International Space Station looking down on Earth.

They regularly do specials on Snapchat with a variety of interviews and inside peeks into the unique lifestyle of someone living in outer space!

Sometimes they even show top-secret missions:

The real key is that they are dedicated to delivering realism and transparency to their audience – something that a lot of brands sacrifice.

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